Live Dorm Smart Tip: 3 Way Auto Shutoff Irons make ironing in a college dorm room a little safer for students and their roommates.

Did you leave the iron on in your college dorm room or did someone tip it over? We know money is tight in college but spend a few extra dollars to ensure your safety, the safety of your college roommates, and your belongings! Always use 3 way auto shut off irons to make ironing in a college dorm room a little safer, an iron that shuts off in the upright position, down position, and side position in the event you forget to turn it off, unplug it, or it gets knocked over. Standard size irons are high wattage appliances (typically 1200 to 1500 watts) so 3 way auto shutoff irons are a must have for dorm safe living.

Designed for community living or high traffic areas, DormSmart Irons are 3 Way Auto Shutoff, 1200 watts, 10 Amps, UL Listed, and operate on a standard dorm room outlet.

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How to Avoid Circuit Overloads in a College Dorm Room

Do not plug your iron into an outlet with other high wattage appliances. If you must plug one of our 1200 watt 3 way auto shutoff irons into a power strip, use one of our Multi Outlet Surge Protector with Overload Protection (protects your appliance from surges and contains an internal 15 Amp Circuit Breaker to prevent you from overloading the circuit to your dorm room).
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