Live Dorm Smart Tip: Use Bed Risers to create storage space under your bed.

Lift the bed in your cramped dorm room or apartment to create valuable storage space using bed risers, commonly referred to as bed raisers or bed lifts, coupled with our decorative folding storage bins! It's that simple!

Our 6" and 8" Bed Risers feature:
  • Fits Round or Square Bed Posts to 2.75 x 2.75" - That's BIG!
  • Creates 9 to 12 Cubic Feet of Storage Under Twin Beds
  • Creates 10 to 13 Cubic Feet of Storage Under Twin XL Beds
  • Creates 14 to 17 Cubic Feet of Storage Under Full Beds
  • Creates 17 to 20 Cubic Feet of Storage Under Queen Beds
  • Pyramid Design Keeps Bed Steady
  • Made of Durable High Impact Resistant Composite Plastic Polymer
  • Set of 4 Bed Risers Holds Up to 1200 Lbs

Be sure to check your campus housing policies before investing in bed risers for your dorm room.

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About Bed Risers Sold by DormSmart.com

All the bed risers carried by DormSmart accept larger bed posts like many found in college dorm rooms today and are made of durable high impact resistant polymer plastic for added strength! Short of using cinder blocks which are no longer acceptable by many colleges, these bed risers are an affordable and safer solution for college students. With that being said, we want students to realize that bed risers are to be used to create valuable storage space meaning they aren't made to support jumping on your bed, 10 college student pile ups, or rigorous party games... If properly used, your bed risers will outlast your college career while creating that much needed additional storage space in your college dorm room.
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