Live DormSmart Tip: The best coffee maker for college dorm rooms is compact, made by a reputable manufacturer, contains no glass carafe or hot plate & auto shuts off when the brew cycle completes.

At DormSmart, all our beverage and coffee makers are hand selected to operate safely and efficiently in your dorm room using a standard 110/120 volt plug to reduce the risk of circuit overload. Each coffee maker is UL Listed and Dorm Sized! In addition, all coffee makers sold by DormSmart brew directly into your coffee cup and are perfect for dorm smart space living... meaning we only sell our college students 1 or 2 cup coffeemakers that shut off automatically when the brew cycle completes and DO NOT contain a warming / hot plate or glass carafe, to avoid breakage or costly fires! Unlike standard residential coffeemakers sold in stores, these models have been manufactured for community living or high traffic areas like a hotel or residence hall dorm room, a smarter choice for student living.

Dorm Smart Coffeemaker = *Low Wattage + Auto Shutoff x No Glass x No Hot Plate

*Check your school housing policy for wattage.
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Auto Shuts Off When Brew Cycle Completes
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Individually Sealed for Freshness
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Coffeemakers & Coffee Pods Turn Your Dorm Room Into A Gourmet Coffee Shop

If you’re a college bound student who enjoys a cup of freshly brewed coffee to jump start your day then pick up a one or two cup coffee maker that auto shuts off when the brew cycle completes for your dorm room. You’ll be able to quickly brew your coffee then head off to early morning classes without being concerned that you forgot to turn off your coffeemaker. Brewing your own coffee is a cheaper alternative to gourmet coffee from your campus coffee shop. Even better, pick up a coffeemaker with a semester worth of gourmet coffee pods at DormSmart.com. Our gourmet coffee pods are individually sealed for freshness and won’t mess up your coffeemaker. EASY CLEAN UP!
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