Computer Security Locks by Kensington Won't Give College Students Nightmares!

After exhausting research, Team DormSmart has made the decision to only sell keyed computer security locks to our college bound students because we've heard and read so many complaints, literally nightmares, about combination locks resetting themselves, leaving students in a panic.

Why DormSmart Chose Keyed Computer Locks by Kensington...
  • Includes An Extra Duplicate Key for Students
  • Attaches to Student's Computer Via Kensington Security Slot Found in 99% of Computers
  • Super Strong Steel Cable Provides Strongest Physical Security
  • Free On-line Key Registration for Secure Key Replacement
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Tips for Protecting Your Personal Property at College...

  • Always lock your dorm room door and never leave your computer, any personal property, unattended in public areas. 
  • Secure your laptop using products by reputable manufacturers like Kensington. FYI... just because a laptop lock fits into the Kensington slot found on 99% of computers, doesn't mean it's a Kensington locking system.
  • Create an inventory of all your personal property including the serial number, value, and photograph of each item.
  • Consider investing in personal property insurance from a student insurance company such as NSI. Before investing in a new policy, check to see if your family’s homeowners insurance policy will cover your valuables at school. 
  • Consult with your Campus Police & Safety Department to see what options they may have available for students to secure their computer equipment and accessories such as free tracking software or discounted insurance.
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