Dorm Laundry Supplies Tip: Multipurpose with a Heavy Duty Combo Laundry Backpack, Bag & Sorter from makers like Sort A Sack. Monogram available!

Embroidered monogram sortasack Make laundry day at the dorms a whole lot easier with our heavy duty laundry backpack by Sort-A-Sack, the best laundry bag for college students! It is an All-In-One Dorm Laundry Backpack, Dorm Laundry Bag, & Dorm Laundry Sorter, the perfect multipurpose college dorm essential for doing laundry while saving space. The Sort-a-Sack has two compartments to sort both whites and colors, a time saver for busy college students on the go! Like a backpack, the sort-a-sack can be comfortably carried by two shoulder straps to lighten a college student’s loads, up to three, on the way to the dorm laundry room or campus laundromat! Even better, for those of you new to doing laundry, the Sort-A-Sack has washing instructions permanently printed inside. The perfect multi functional laundry sack for college students!

Personalize your Sortasack with an embroidered monogram!

Also referred to as the Sorta-A-Sack, College Laundry Backpack, College Laundry Sack, Dorm Laundry Backpack, Dorm Laundry Sack, Easy Carry Backpack, College Laundry Bag
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