Live Dorm Smart Tip: Budget For College & Save BIG - Order A Dorm Room Essentials & Trunk Package Deal! A Great Dorm Room Starter Package!Dorm Room Essentials and Trunk Packages - Bundle & Save!

Knowing what to buy to live in a dorm room can be overwhelming and costly, essentially you are furnishing a small studio apartment! To make it a little easier on you and your budget, DormSmart put together the perfect dorm room essentials starter packages to cover your basic living needs... from dorm storage, bedding, cooking, shower, security, extra seating to tool kits... more than 55 essentials for living in a dorm room. To get started, just select a twin or twin xl package with the trunk size of your choice then pick your perfect colors, making the package unique to you!

Give your student a great start! Our Dorm Essentials & Trunk Package Deals make a great holiday, graduation, or birthday gift for college bound high school seniors, any student preparing for dorm living!
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Our discount Dorm Room Packages extend beyond the bed and bath...

Our discount dorm room packages extend beyond the bed and bath, they include the essentials college students need for dorm room living such as bed linens, supplies for eating in their dorm room or residence hall, storage solutions, additional seating, a tool kit, community shower supplies such as a shower bag that won't slime up, security supplies legal in any state and more... Even better, our dorm room packages allow students to select a color scheme unique to them... create dorm decor to suit their tastes. Many of the products in our discount dorm room packages can be transitioned into a student's first apartment, thus saving them money because before they know it, they'll be moving into their first apartment. Bottom line, it's best to invest in dorm supplies whose usefulness extends beyond the college dorm room...
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