Dorm Room Packages & Bundle Deals = Big Savings for College Bound Students Heading Back to School Next Semester!

Team DormSmart has put together dorm room packages and bundle deals to make shopping easier and more budget friendly for college students heading back to school next semester. College bound students can outfit their entire dorm room with one of our deeply discounted dorm room essentials and trunk packages; make their dorm room mattress super comfy with our Dorm Smart Bedding Foundations Package; protect their compact appliances and electronics with our Dorm Smart Power, Network & Protect Bundle; or make a late night study snack with our Dorm Smart Snackdown Cooking Bundle. Our dorm room packages and bundle deals help college students save big and live Dorm Smart!
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How to shop for a bundle package deal of dorm room supplies...

Shopping for college or boarding school, especially for incoming freshmen, can be costly. That's why DormSmart offers deep discounts on quantity purchases of dorm room supplies that make sense for students moving to campus. Bundling the essential items for dorm room living allows us to pass additional savings along to students and parents. Regardless of where you choose to buy dorm room supplies,  just be sure to do the math and investigate the contents of a package deal before making a purchase. It's probably best to avoid those deals that bundle items with a short shelf life such as disposable plates, cheap pens, a pack of ramen noodles, or a tea bag. Instead, choose to invest your money in quality dorm room essentials that will last throughout boarding school or college. For example, DormSmart bundles the right amount of cooking essentials for a dorm room, quality cotton bedding and linens, security supplies that can be utilized on any campus, and shower essentials... all the basic essentials to give students moving to campus a smart start in their dorm room!
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