Peel and Stick Dry Erase White Boards & Calendar Decals for College

Peel and stick dry erase wall decals are a convenient, practical, and fashionable way for students to communicate with roommates, keep notes for school, and manage their time at college without cluttering up their small desk or damaging the walls in their dorm room. At DormSmart, students can choose from an assortment of dry erase calendars, dry erase white boards and decorative dry erase decals in multiple styles and colors by manufacturers such as WallPops, Roommates Peel and Stick, and Optima. Removable peel and stick dry erase white boards, message decals, calendars, and even maps are a fun yet practical way for students to decorate their dorm room walls without losing their room deposit. Even better, our wall decals are repositionable making decorating your dorm room a little easier!
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