Live Dorm Smart Tip: Separate Wet & Dry Shower Essentials Using a Waterproof Shower Bag & a Dry Storage Caddy or Stuff Bucket.

Looking for the perfect waterproof shower bag to take INTO the dorm showers? Our Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag is a fast drying, slime free, and durable shower caddy! Previously featured in Shape Magazine and used by swimmers for years, these bags are the perfect WATERPROOF bag to take into the dorm showers with you! They hold lots of shower supplies and dry FAST! They don't slime up like plastic shower caddies. Saltwater Canvas Shower Bags are so durable, they will outlast your college career, definitely Dorm Smart!

For your DRY bath supplies, consider using a Stuff Bucket or storage caddy. They make the perfect bath caddy to hold your dry items such as toiletries, makeup, appliances... and come in a multitude of colors and patterns to match any dorm decor!

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