Dorm Room Safety = UL Listed Surge Protectors with Overload Protection.

Perfect for dorm safe living, all our Tripp Lite Surge Supressors, commonly referred to as surge protectors, are UL listed, 790 joules or higher rated, and include a 15 Amp circuit breaker for overload protection, important features for dorm room safety.
With overload protection... if you plug too many electronics or small appliances into the surge protector, it will trip the circuit... letting you know you need to unplug something. Once the overload is reduced, just hit the reset button and you're good to go again! Your school housing staff will love it because you didn't trip the main circuit to your dorm room or cause a fire by overloading the circuit. You'll love it because you won't have to go to class or out on date with wet hair because maintenance couldn't get there on time!

Receive 5% off when you buy 2 or more Surge Protectors by Tripp Lite for your dorm room.

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Be Safe! Always use surge protectors with overload protection in your dorm room...

Because students operate or charge many small appliances and electronics in their dorm rooms on a limited number of circuits, it's important to invest in quality UL listed surge protectors that provide 2-way protection to protect students' valuables from power surges; and prevent students from overloading their circuits with an internal 15 Amp circuit breaker. With overload protection, if a student operates too many small electronics or appliances at the same time, the surge protector will trip its internal 15 Amp circuit breaker letting them know they need to unplug an electronic or appliance; reduce the overload. Once they reduce the overload, they just reset the surge protector and are good to go again, no more waiting on maintenance! If you are a student moving to college or boarding school, be sure to pick up a few surge protectors with overload protection and live dorm smart!
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