Community Shower Supplies Tip: The right shower supplies for college or boarding school make using the community showers safe, sanitary, and efficient for students.

Whether students use the community showers in their residence hall or share a common bathroom in their suite or campus apartment, it is important to pack shower supplies that make showering in cramped and public facilities more efficient, safe, and sanitary: Here's a list of shower essentials to pack for college or boarding school:
  • a waterproof shower bag or caddy to carry wet essentials into the shower such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap;
  • a storage caddy or extra shower bag to organize and transport dry essentials such as a blow dryer, deodorant, or makeup;
  • a spa wrap or robe to cover up when walking to and from the community showers;
  • absorbent towels to dry off; and
  • a pair of shower shoes or flip flops with good traction (remember a good fit is important to prevent injuries in the shower).
For a shared dorm room or apartment bath students may need to pack a bath mat or shower curtain, check with your roommate.

The best essentials for community showers...

Investing in the best essentials for community showers or a shared bath helps make showering in a cramped and less private space a better overall experience for students. For example, a Saltwater Canvas Shower Bag keeps students organized, dries quickly, and won’t slime up or mildew, unlike a cheap plastic shower caddy. Our absorbent bamboo towels are naturally antimicrobial, ideal for germier places such as a small dorm room or campus apartment. A Neatnix Stuff Bucket organizes dry essentials (i.e. electric razors, makeup, or deodorant…). Lastly, our luxurious bath wraps by Boca Terry use both elastic and snaps to keep students covered when traveling between their dorm room and community showers. These are just a few of our best essentials for community showers available at DormSmart.com.
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