Dorm Room Appliances Safety Tip: Be safe; check campus housing regulations for approved appliances for your college, university, or boarding school dorm room.

DO BUY compact appliances for college or boarding school that are small in scale (dorm size), manufactured to operate on a standard 110/120v plug, UL Listed, and approved by your school's campus housing department for use in their residence halls.

DO NOT BUY appliances with an open flame or open coil such as hot plates or toasters. The majority of colleges, universities and boarding schools consider these dorm room appliances unsafe, a fire hazard. As for irons and coffee makers, live dorm smart... stick with quality auto shutoff appliances for use in your dorm room to ensure your safety and the safety of your roommates.

All compact appliances on are UL Listed, tested and marked for safety, and manufactured to operate on a standard 110/120v plug in dorm rooms.

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3-Way Auto Shutoff Irons 3-Way Auto Shutoff Irons

3 Way Auto Shut Off Irons
1200 Watts or Less
UL Listed

Compact Auto Shutoff Coffee Makers Compact Auto Shutoff Coffee Makers

Auto Shuts Off Brew Cycle Completes
No Warming or Hot Plates, UL Listed
Durable Commercial Grade Plug

Dorm Room Fans Dorm Room Fans
Small Fans for Dorm Rooms
Brands Students Can Trust
UL Listed / ETL Listed
Dorm Room Microwaves Refrigerators Freezers Dorm Room Microwaves Refrigerators Freezers

One Plug Combos, Refrigerators, Cubes
Compact, Zero Degree Freezers, Chillers
UL Listed, Energy Efficient Models

Handheld Auto Can Opener Handheld Auto Can Opener

Dorm Size - Fits In Your Hand
Opens Any Size Can
UL Listed

Hand Blenders Hand Blenders
Save $$$ Make Smoothies
Compact Hand Blenders
UL Listed
Lightweight Vacuums Lightweight Vacuums
Compact for Dorm Rooms
UL Listed
Surge Protectors with Overload Protection Surge Protectors with Overload Protection
790 Joules or Higher Rated
15 Amp Circuit Breaker
UL Listed

Housing Approved Dorm Room Appliances for Students Living

Moving to campus is challenging enough without having to give up all the modern conveniences of home. Exactly why DormSmart researches compact appliances for dorm rooms that are safe and practical while providing the modern conveniences of appliances like mom's. Because housing policies differ between schools, we work every day to locate and provide a wide selection of quality compact dorm room appliances that meet or exceed the housing guidelines of universities, colleges, and boarding schools across the US. All you need to do before shopping is check your school housing policies then select appliances approved for use on your campus. Live Dorm Smart!
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