Choose  microwaves, refrigerators, or freezers for your dorm room  that are compact, UL Listed, made by a reputable manufacturer, and comply with housing regulations.

Whether students need an alternative to the MicroFridge Rental Program, an Energy Star Qualified refrigerator freezer, a silent operation refrigeration unit, or a locking refrigerator to keep food secure in their dorm room or campus apartment, DormSmart carries a wide range of compact models from reputable and proven manufacturers such as MicroFridge, Absocold, Avanti, Danby, and Summit. For example, the Energy Star Qualified MicroFridge with Safe Plug, Absocold Cook 'N Cool, and Summit Compact Microwave Refrigerator Freezer combination appliances include full-range temperature control, a zero degree freezer to keep food frozen, internal light, 2 liter storage, programmable microwave and one plug that operates safely on a standard 15 Amp circuit. For students who are sensitive to noise, Avanti offers a whisper quiet rapid cooling compact refrigerator. For students concerned about the security of their food and drink, Summit offers a quiet thin line design locking refrigerator ideal for student living.

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A Few Commonly Asked Questions About Dorm Room Refrigerators

Should I rent or buy a MicroFridge for my dorm room?

If you are campus bound student trying to decide between renting or buying a MicroFridge for your dorm room at college or boarding school, just ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the rental program that services my campus have a good reputation? It is important to note that the rental company is not always owned by the school.
  • How old is the MicroFridge that I am renting? Remember, this is rental so it may not be brand new or the latest model.
  • How much does it cost annually to rent?
  • Do I plan to use it after moving off campus? Students may want to use it in their Greek house, shared apartment, man cave, or garage.

If the MicroFridge Rental Program that serves your campus at college or boarding school has a solid reputation and you are comfortable with the age and price of the unit they provide to students then you may want to rent. However, if you prefer a new unit that only you have used and want to use it after you move out of your dorm room and into off campus housing then you may want to buy. It's definitely a personal choice.

What's the difference between a Zero Degree Freezer and a Freezer Compartment?

There is a BIG difference! A dorm room size refrigerator with a "zero degree freezer" operates just like mom's refrigerator freezer at home... it keeps your food frozen and safe to eat for an extended period of time. Whereas, a dorm room size refrigerator with a "separate freezer compartment" or an "internal compartment" is only for short-term food storage, a few days at most. It is best to invest in an Energy Star Qualified dorm room size refrigerator with a "Zero Degree Freezer" if you plan to keep frozen foods.

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