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Intro to Internet Couponing 101: What Consumers Need to Know

Instructor: Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO DormSmart.com

It's the Wild West on the internet with money making schemes popping up everywhere and little regulation. For this very reason, DormSmart no longer provides discount codes to coupon sites because it drives up costs for our loyal customers, meaning you. How? It's simple. Many coupon sites illegally use a retailer's trademarked name and copyrighted content to create a url on their website that pulls up in the search engine results when consumers search for a coupon (i.e. dormsmart coupons). They do this in an attempt to force the retailer to pay them via an affiliate relationship for directing the traffic back to the storefront. If the retailer refuses to pay them, they merely recommend another retailer to the customer who is willing to pay and pass the cost along to consumers. Let's face it, at the end of the day, all costs of doing business must be factored into product pricing by retailers. If retailers don't pass it along in the form of price increases, they will be forced into mass layoffs or to close their doors altogether leaving people unemployed. Have you noticed any retailers with mass layoffs lately; or, how's the unemployment or underemployment rate these days? What about inflation since the internet has become so popular? How far is your dollar stretching compared to a decade ago? Companies and individuals perpetrating this type of scheme on consumers and businesses could care less about the fact that your hard earned dollars have less buying power for you and your family while they get richer. Here are two examples of the worst offenders:

I. For "Profit" Coupon Sites/Businesses Hiding Behind Charities

DormSmart supports charities. We have several near and dear to our hearts such as Nephcure, Autism Speaks, and PALS. However, we do not support and will not be extorted by profit producing companies who entice consumers to their websites under the guise of charitable giving. These businesses merely give a portion of their profits, 1% to 50%, to charities and probably take the tax deduction for doing it all while driving up consumer pricing. They earn their profit by using a retailer's legally trademarked name and copyrighted website content "illegally" to hijack a retailer's web traffic then extort monies out of the retailer to send them back to the retailer's website, and all in the name of charity... without any regard for how it affects consumer pricing. They portray themselves as do gooders. When in fact, if you ask them to produce legal documentation for every retailer listed on their website giving them express permission to use their trademarks or copyrighted content, you won't find one from DormSmart.com and probably many others. The worst part about these businesses is that some are led by individuals with the advantage of an ivy league education and connections to major media, companies, and star power that we have all grown to trust over the years.

What can you do about it? Ask your retailer directly for a coupon code then donate directly to your charities of choice. Your charities will realize the full benefit of your donation and you can take the tax deduction personally. If you cannot afford to donate money, donate your time. Force these individuals and businesses who are getting richer off our sweat equity to get a legitimate job and donate; or, they can always choose to become a nonprofit since charitable giving is their primary concern. Or, are they operating for their own private benefit? (About.com Related Articles: Nonproft Charitable Orgs)

II. Coupon Sites/Businesses Using America for Profit

Many coupon sites like these are not hosted here in the US. If so, many are not legitimate US companies. We know this because many apply, unsuccessfully, to our affiliate program. Essentially, these sites have the same end game as those profiting off charities but play on our patriotism, loyalty to America, while they drive up consumer pricing and take the money outside our borders.

What can you do about it? Support American companies and keep the money at home by asking your retailer for a coupon directly.

Lesson Summary

At the end of the day, DormSmart wants consumers to be aware of coupon sites and businesses who refuse to do their own work, who pose as US businesses taking advantage of our patriotism while sending our money outside US borders, or who tug at our heart strings while building their bank accounts, all while driving up product cost, adversely impacting the job market, and driving down the dollar. If you need a legitimate coupon for DormSmart, it will be listed on this coupon page. If you need to raise money for your school, team, charity, or their affiliated organizations such as DECA... you are welcome to do so through DormSmart's Affiliate Program. We believe it to be a better use of our dollars and yours to directly partner with and support legitimate charities, students, teams, schools, and their affiliated organizations.
Lesson Over! Live Dorm Smart!
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