Laundry Supplies Tip: Packing the right laundry supplies for college or boarding school, such as a hamper or bag that presorts laundry, saves busy students time!

Whether the laundry room is located in their residence hall or across campus, students will need to pack the right laundry supplies for college or boarding school, such as:

  • A laundry backpack, pop-up hamper, laundry bag, or caddy to sort and tote dirty laundry. 
  • Accessories such as a sweater wash bag and drying rack to extend the life of  sweaters and fine washables. 
  • An ironing board and auto shutoff iron that is dorm room appropriate. 
  • A sewing kit for small repairs.
  • Favorite detergent and stain remover.
  • Funding for the campus laundry.

Rushed? Ship your laundry supplies to your campus, no additional charge!

Make Laundry Day on Campus More Manageable

While doing laundry is not the most glamorous job, it is a necessity for college students who want to look good, feel good, and stay healthy. So make laundry day a little more manageable by packing laundry supplies for college that help students work smarter not harder. For example, our new University Parent Freestanding Laundry Bag is designed to help students presort laundry throughout the week then easily tote their dirty clothes, laundry supplies, and even a little homework to their campus laundry, leaving them a little more free time for...
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