Live Dorm Smart Tip: Save Money & Get What You Really Need - Learn How to Make a First Aid Kit for College.How To Make A First Aid Kit For College

College is a long-term commitment so students need more than the typical over the counter first aid kit that contains only one or two doses of medications and a few bandages. They are costly and do not provide adequate medical supplies for a college student living away from home for an extended period. The best solution for college bound students is to stock their own first aid kit and stow it away in their dorm room for minor medical emergencies such as the flu, cuts, burns, headaches, cramps... Even better, when students stock their own first aid kit for college, they can ensure the medications they purchase are their preferred brands and have a longer shelf life by checking the expiration dates.

After extensive research, one of the best sources Team DormSmart has come across on how to make a first aid kit for college students is They have a great article that helps parents and students build a first aid kit for college in their teen health guide (content reviewed by their medical review board for accuracy). Additionally, their guide provides a wealth of helpful information about teen health and wellness... perfect for college students living away from home for the first time.

Using's Guide combined with a student's knowledge about their own personal medical history and needs... should help students to build the perfect first aid kit to take to college for the long term.

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