10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Room Dinnerware Set

10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Room Dinnerware Set

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These dorm room dishes are amazing! Made in the USA these heavy duty attractive dishes and tumblers are BPA Free microwave reheat safe plastic! Available in multiple colors and college logos.

The best plastic dishes for students to take to their college dorm room, hands down! The dishes and tumblers in this dinnerware set by Bentley Drinkware are BPA free, break resistant, scratch resistant, microwave reheat safe, and attractive. Best of all, the plastic ExtremeWare plates and bowls give the appearance of stoneware without the breakage and the large ColorWare tumblers complete this set. Durable and versatile, students can use these dishes in their dorm room, at Greek parties, tailgating events, or for a picnic in the quad. Thus far, these are the best dorm room dishes we’ve found to date to hold up to a demanding college lifestyle. Available in colors or college logos make these dishes an ideal gift for college bound students.

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Dorm Room Dishes - 10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Room Dinnerware Set - Made in the USA

Durable, attractive, microwave reheat safe, break resistant, and adult looking BPA-free plastic dishes for dorm room living.

Team DormSmart searched high and low for the best BPA Free plastic dorm room dinnerware set for students to take to campus, one of our biggest challenges to date. We knew that we had to find dishes that are durable, attractive, microwave reheat safe, break resistant, BPA Free, adult looking, and affordable for college bound students. Dishes ideal for the dorm room and after! After numerous hours of research and testing we chose these made in the USA dishes by Bentley Drinkware.

"...The quality, versatility and affordability of our 10 Piece Extremeware Dorm Room Dinnerware Set makes these BPA free plastic dishes and glasses second to none! Bentley Extremeware plates and bowls combined with their Colorware tumblers make a great statement anytime anywhere, the best dorm room dishes for college students. I even use them in my own kitchen at home..." - Christi Leslie, Founder & CEO of DormSmart.com

Extremeware plates and bowls give the thick appearance of stoneware without the breakage and the colorful Colorware tumblers... well, they just look fabulous! These attractive plastic dorm room dishes are durable and versatile for students to use in their college dorm room, at Greek Parties, or for outdoor events such as tailgating. The plates and tumblers are ideal for a demanding college lifestyle and are sure to be a crowd pleaser, a practical gift for college bound students.

10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Room Dinnerware Set includes:

  • 2 - Bentley Extremeware 11 inch Dinner Plates
  • 2 - Bentley Extremeware 8 inch Salad / Sandwich Plates
  • 2 - Bentley Extremeware 7 1/2 inch Bowls
  • 4 - Bentley Colorware 20 ounce Plastic Tumblers 6" Tall, 3 1/4" Diameter (Optional Collegiate Tumblers may take an additional 3 business days to ship)

10 Piece ExtremeWare Dorm Room Dinnerware Set features:

  • Best BPA Free Plastic Dishes for Students, Safer Choice for Student Food & Drink
  • Ideal Dishes for Students to Use Indoor or Outdoors
  • Durable to withstand the Test of Time
  • Break Resistant and Scratch Resistant Dishes Ideal for College Living
  • Dishwasher Safe Up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit (see Important Care Instructions below)
  • Microwavable-Reheat Safe Up to 2 minutes (see Important Care Instructions below)
  • Multiple Colors and Schools Available
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Limited Warranty on Tumblers
  • Made in the USA

Optional Additional Plates and Bowls:

  • Additional Set of 2 includes: 2 Dinner Plates, 2 Salad Plates and 2 Bowls
  • Additional Set of 4 includes: 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Salad Plates and 4 Bowls

Important Care Instructions for BPA Free Plastic Dorm Room Dishes:

  • SAN plastic is a blend of acrylic and styrene that produces very durable, break resistant, scratch resistant, and BPA free food safe drinkware and tableware, a smart and safer choice in dorm dishes for college students. SAN plastic is not scratch-proof, but tends to be more scratch resistant than acrylic and polycarbonate plastic. SAN plastic tableware is not recommended for heavy use with knives so live dorm smart and don't use your plates for a cutting board.
  • SAN plastic tableware is designed for use in both commercial and residential dishwashers with water temperatures up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike acrylic glasses, SAN plastic drinkware and dishes will not cloud or craze.
  • Residential Dishwashers: Energy Star Rated Residential Dishwashers feature water heating systems that can far exceed commercial temperatures and damage plastic dishes. Be sure to consult your dishwasher user guide for the proper cycle to use to prevent damage to your san plastic dorm dishes.
  • Microwave Use: SAN plastic dorm dishes are microwavable reheat safe up to 2 minutes. If you need compact cookware for you dorm room, check out our BPA Free Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker.

Color Variations:

At DormSmart.com, we do our best to display product images with the most accurate color possible for our shoppers. However, due to differences in computer monitors, variations in color may occur between the actual product and your screen.

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