alexa certified Skip to main content, L.L.C. is an independent specialty retailer formed in 2009 by parents and students with one mission in mind, to create a marketplace where students and parents can conveniently shop online for smart dorm room essentials and decor that will turn their student housing into a home away from home; a stylish and functional dorm room or apartment that expresses their individuality, is conducive to living and learning, and compliant with school housing policies. We just want to make it a little easier to shop for college.

Dedicated brands

DormSmart carries brands by US based companies such as Rhino Trunk and Case, University Loft, and Microfridge who are dedicated to providing students with choices in quality products for their student housing. Brands who have a story, inspiring students to do more as they embark upon their learning journey, meaning don’t just dream it, believe it, reach for it, and achieve it.

What we do, a pioneer in the dorm room supplies and decor marketplace, researches more than 2000 school campuses each year to provide college bound and boarding school students living on campus with thousands of selections of quality supplies and decor essential for living in a dorm room or small apartment.

How we do it

The majority of our inventory ships direct from our US based manufacturers and distributors, like many department stores these days. This allows us to offer students a wider range of smart dorm room essentials and accessories for on campus living while reducing our carbon footprint and theirs. While ship times may vary for each product, depending upon the manufacturer’s shipping policy, we believe it is more important to do our part for the environment for this generation and future generations.

The mission

At DormSmart, our mission is to:

  • transform your student housing into a home away from home;
  • better prepare families and students for the transition to campus life; and
  • create value while supporting education for all.