About DormSmart: Dorm Room Supplies Store for Smarter Campus Living

DormSmart.com, L.L.C. is an independent specialty retailer formed in 2009 by parents and students with one mission in mind, to create a marketplace where students and parents can conveniently shop online for smart dorm room essentials and decor that will turn a student’s college living space into their home away from home; a stylish and functional dorm room or apartment that expresses their individuality, is conducive to living and learning, and compliant with school housing policies. We just want to make it a little easier to shop for campus living.

Inspiring students through our brands…

Many of the brands we carry for students are by entrepreneurs who live right here in USA from all walks of life who care about students and families; brands like Rhino Trunk and Case, Saltwater Canvas, Privacy Pop, Stanley Case Works, Kangaroo Cases, Honey Can Do, Absocold, Bentley Drinkware, and Sortasack… to name a few. These companies all started with one entrepreneurial individual or a small group of individuals who had a great idea and the courage to make it happen. DormSmart is a kindred spirit with these types of companies, who provide students living on campus with choices in quality products for their dorm rooms and apartments at college and boarding school, all while inspiring students to do more as they embark upon their journey, meaning don’t just dream it... rather believe it, reach for it, and achieve it!

What we do...

DormSmart.com, a pioneer in the dorm room supplies and decor marketplace, researches more than 2000 school campuses each year to provide college bound and boarding school students living on campus with thousands of selections of quality supplies and decor essential for living in a dorm room or small apartment. In addition, we provide helpful tools such as our Housing Connector, Dorm Room Checklist and Blog to help students plan a successful move to campus and encourage them to live dorm smart within their school housing guidelines. Lastly, we offer students Free Standard Ground Shipping of 2 to 5 business days via USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Ground, or UPS Ground, including campus direct shipping.

To get started living dormsmart, a student should check their school's housing policies, see what they have at home first, then shop our aisles. Remember, all dorm room supplies should be...

  • Durable, to stand up to the rigors of student life while complying with the housing standards of your university, college, or boarding school;
  • Safer for student living in campus housing, such as UL listed auto shutoff appliances that contain no hotplates, open flames, or glass carafes;
  • Budget friendly, dorm room essentials and decor that fit into your student budget;
  • Functional, practical products that can be multi-purposed in your campus dorm room or small apartment such as storage trunks;
  • Fashionable, dorm room decor that allows you to express your unique sense of style, while living comfortably;
  • Right sized for your dorm room or campus apartment, made to fit supplies such as a compact Microfridge or twin XL bedding; and
  • Made in the USA or supports jobs across America.

Why we do it...

Convenience, family, and friends! We provide students with access to a wide range of smart products for living on campus (i.e. dorm size, UL listed, manufactured to operate safely 110/120v plug, no hot plates or open coil...) so they can quickly locate what they need for their dorm room or campus apartment then spend quality time with their family and friends before moving to their college or boarding school.

How we do it...

The majority of our inventory ships direct from our US based manufacturers and distributors, like many department stores these days. This allows us to offer students a wider range of smart dorm room essentials and accessories for on campus living while reducing our carbon footprint and theirs. While ship times may vary for each product, depending upon the manufacturer’s shipping policy, we believe it is more important to do our part for the environment for this generation and future generations.

Our committment...

At DormSmart, we are committed to:

  • building a brand that students, parents, and schools can trust;
  • offering dorm smart products that enhance student living and their success in school while inspiring the American spirit of entrepreneurism;
  • providing the best shopping experience possible, continually striving for excellence; and
  • growing a business that is faith, family, friends, and education "friendly."
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