Dorm Room Cooking Supplies Tip: Pack just enough compact cooking supplies for your college dorm room or residence hall kitchen to save space and cook safe.

Packing smart cooking supplies for a tiny college dorm room or residence hall kitchen is essential for those times when students just cannot make it to the campus cafeteria or need a late night study snack. To make it easy, DormSmart has done the research for students when it comes to selecting the best cooking supplies for dorm room living. We've tested and selected quality micro fridge appliances, BPA free break resistant and microwave reheat safe dorm dishes in a variety of colors, stainless steel flatware and utensils, kitchen accessories, drinkware, and even found a one piece BPA free microwave cooker to use as cookware and a colander. Students can save themselves some time and money by purchasing these great products and more in our Dorm Room Cooking Bundle. Best of all, these cooking supplies fit nicely in a storage bin under a student's bed or in their closet.

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