Dorm Room Microwave Refrigerator Freezer Combo Appliance Review

Appliance Name: Absocold Cook N Cool with Internal Power Management System Model CC298CBKD-IPA

About Manufacturer

Absocold Corporation has been in business selling commercially to hotels, the military, andAbsocold Cook N Cool with Internal Power Management System Model CC298CBKD-IPA universities since 1969. They have a solid reputation and are a leader in the industry. They are now making their Cook N Cool® product line available to students through (Authorized Absocold Retailer).

Absocold Cook N Cool 3 in 1 Appliance Highlights

The Cook N Cool 3 in 1 combination microwave refrigerator freezer has many features, but here are the highlights:

  • Auto Defrost Refrigerator
  • Internal Light
  • Space Saving Layout
  • Full Width See Through Crisper Drawer
  • Programmable Microwave
  • Separate Zero Degree Freezer (a must have to keep foods frozen)
  • Internal Power Management System for Schools Requiring Safe Plug Technology Power Allocation Management
  • Industry Leading Warranty, providing parents, students, and schools with peace of mind

Important Notice for School Housing Officials

This Absocold Cook N Cool appliance contains an internal power management system, commonly referred to as safe plug technology or power allocator unit, ideal for dorm rooms.

with Power Management System 

Does this unit have an Integrated Power Management System, commonly referred to as safe plug technology or power allocator, required by many schools as an added safety feature?Yes
Is the refrigerator Energy Star® Qualified?Yes, 10% Below The Federal Standard (also = CEE Tier I).
What is the Annual Energy Consumption of the Refrigerator Freezer in this combination appliance? 319 kWh
What is the Estimated Annual Operating Cost?$38
What is the Refrigerator Running Amperage on this model?1.4 AMPS
What is the Microwave Running Amperage on this model?11.3 AMPS
(900 watt microwave)
Will the combined unit run safely on a standard 15 AMP Circuit, commonly found in dorm rooms?Yes, never draws more than 11.3 Running Amps.
Does the appliance contain a True Zero Degree Freezer with a separate door to ensure food stays frozen?Yes
Is this a Single Plug Unit (combined appliances only use one plug in an outlet)?Yes
Is this appliance UL® listed?Yes
Does the manufacturer offer a Refrigerator Sealed System & Compressor Warranty on consumer purchases?7 Years
Does the manufacturer offer a Microwave Oven Magnetron Warranty on consumer purchases?5 Years
Does the manufacturer offer a Mechanical Components Warranty on consumer purchases?1 Year
If either the refrigerator or microwave fails will the other appliance continue to be operate?Yes

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Appliances = Energy Savings for Schools & Students

When evaluating a combination appliance, it's important to note that the Energy Star Savings comes from the refrigeration unit.


The Cook N Cool® Microwave Refrigerator Freezer Combo easily breaks down into two separate pieces, ideal for students living on the upper floor of residence halls with no elevator.

Campus Housing Regulations

Before purchasing the Absocold Cook N Cool Microwave Refrigerator Freezer 3 in 1 appliance, be sure to check with your Campus Housing Office regarding their requirements.

(Notice: This review is based on information obtained as of  08.13.2015.)

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