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DormSmart's online store family consists of parents and students who have navigated the emotions of moving to college. In other words, we get it! We are here to help improve your dorm room shopping experience. 

That said, here's a few facts about our e-commerce company:

  • USA small business
  • Family-owned and operated since 2009
  • Specializing in smarter dorm room essentials and decor
  • Dedicated to understanding campus housing policies to improve student living
  • Serving customers within the 48 contiguous US States

At DormSmart, our mission is to:

  • transform your student housing into a home away from home;
  • better prepare families and students for the transition to campus life; and
  • create value while supporting education for all.

How DormSmart works for you, your family, and school?

DormSmart works year-round to understand campus housing policies then seek out and stock the virtual shelves of our e-commerce site with essentials and decor appropriate for students living on campus in a small college dorm room or apartment, smarter products that balance quality and affordability with function and style. 

What makes a product Dorm Smart?

To make the grade and reside on our store's virtual shelves, we evaluate products for dorm room living based on four core tenets:

  1. Durability. Can this product stand up to the demands of student life while complying with the housing standards of your university, college or boarding school?
  2. Safety. Is this electronic UL Listed? Does this Microfridge have Safe Plug Technology?
  3. Functionality. Can this product serve multiple purposes in your dorm room and beyond, promote sustainability? For example, using a trunk for storage, securing valuables, and seating.
  4. Dorm room size. Is the footprint of the product compact? Will this Microfridge fit in your dorm room? Will these sheets fit your twin XL bed?

Since our beginning, we strive to support USA based businesses.

DormSmart carries brands by US-based companies such as Rhino Trunk and Case, University Loft, and Microfridge who are dedicated to providing students with choices in quality products for their student housing. Brands whose story inspires students to succeed as they embark upon their learning journey.