Furniture Shopping Tip: Save precious dorm room space... invest in furniture that can be multi-purposed in your college dorm room or campus apartment.

Shopping for furniture that can fit into a small dorm room or campus apartment and serve multiple purposes is a must have for college, exactly what you’ll find at DormSmart. Here's a few examples of dorm furniture that can be multipurposed... Our compact folding picnic table by Picnic Time is small enough to store under your dorm bed, in a closet, or even in the trunk of your car but large and strong enough unfolded to use for tailgating, outdoor or indoor study sessions, game night, or hosting a small dinner party for four in your dorm room. Our Jaxx Pillow Sac is so easy to reshape; use it as a gaming chair, flatten it out for sleepovers, or flip it and make a cozy loveseat for two during movie nights in your dorm room. Even better, it can be reshaped and easily stored in any nook and cranny when not in use. Remember, whenever possible multipurpose!

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