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Use a gift registry to turn high school graduation gifts into practical purchases for college...

Get the graduation gifts you really want with a universal gift registry!

As a high school graduate, you will likely receive gifts from some close family and friends to celebrate your achievement. This is a great opportunity to utilize a gift registry to turn high school graduation gifts into practical items for college and save some money. At DormSmart, we provide graduates with a standard gift registry on every product listing page; or, if you plan to shop at several stores, consider signing up for a universal gift registry service such as Amazon Wishlist. A universal gift registry allows you to add items from multiple stores onto one registry, making shopping for the perfect high school graduation gift a little easier for family and friends. Just be sure to add practical items for college to your registry that fit within a range of budgets.

Once your gift registry is complete, you or your family may want to plan your high school graduation party online utilizing services like or Online social party planning tools such as these allow you to easily send party invitations, manage RSVPs, plan your menu, and provide directions to your guests, saving money, time, and trees. You can even send a link to your graduation gift registry in your party invitation. Just remember to let your friends and family members know that a gift is not expected or required to attend and celebrate your special day with you.

Just another way to live smarter!

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