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How a college checklist makes your move-in weekend easier!

Why use a checklist for your campus move-in weekend?

College Move-in Weekend= 2 days

Yes, move-in weekend is typically two fun-filled hot and sometimes rainy days of:

  • arriving on a crowded campus
  • finding a place to park and obtaining a permit for the weekend
  • picking up the keys to and inspecting your dorm room
  • completing the required orientation for your residence hall
  • getting your mailbox
  • getting your student id card
  • registering your bike or vehicle
  • moving your belongings into your dorm room
  • unpacking and organizing your dorm room
  • possibly waiting for your Microfridge to be delivered if you have a rental
  • picking up your textbooks
  • confirming your class schedule and locating your classes

Did we mention that there are mandatory activities for you and your family? Yes, move-in weekend is about more than just hauling your stuff to campus and unpacking your dorm room. What if you have an audition, practice, or planned school activity?

Last Minute Shopping = Frustration

It's back to school shopping season for students of all ages so if you procrastinate, be prepared for:

  • wasted time locating and driving to stores near campus
  • limited or picked-over selection
  • long checkout lines

A College Checklist = Simpler Move-in Weekend

Move-in weekend is crazy busy for students, family members, and colleges so make use of tools like a college checklist to plan, shop, and organize your move before the semester begins. When you arrive on campus unpacking will be simpler and you'll have more time to organize your dorm room attend activities, and spend some quality time with your family before they head home.