Live Dorm Smart Tip: Always take personal safety & dorm room security seriously.

Feeling comfortable in your dorm room and on campus at college or boarding school is important for students to be successful. However, it is also important for students to take their personal safety and dorm room security seriously at all times.

Safety & Security Tips for Students On Campus and Off: 

  • Lock your dorm room door at all times; 
  • Lock up and insure your valuables; 
  • Carry a compact flashlight, personal alarm & cell phone;
  • Travel in groups;
  • Stay in well lit areas; 
  • Call campus security for an escort when in dark or isolated areas; and 
  • Always report any suspicious behavior. 

Prior to purchasing personal safety supplies such pepper spray, it is important to check your school housing regulations about what personal safety and security products may be carried on campus.

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