Programs for Universities, Colleges & Boarding Schools

Why DormSmart? connects college bound students, parents, universities, colleges, and boarding schools to smart, safe, attractive, and affordable dorm room supplies. We take pride in finding those smart dorm supplies that students may not be able to easily locate and purchase from a big box store. Dorm supplies are our specialty year round. It's how we roll at DormSmart and the reason why we developed the following programs for universities and colleges:

Housing ConnectorCampus Housing Connector

At DormSmart, we believe in fostering a positive and healthy relationship between students, families and their schools, exactly why we developed our Campus Housing Connector. Our Campus Housing Connector connects students directly to their school’s campus housing information, aiding students in living dorm smart while providing schools with the following benefits: 
  • Assists school housing offices with  fielding inquiries from students and parents seeking housing policy information prior to move-in day;
  • Reduces the time and cost associated with identifying and confiscating dorm room contraband; and
  • Reduces the risk and costs associated with the use of unsafe dorm room supplies.

Incoming Freshman Gift Card Program

Schools can now connect their incoming freshman to smarter dorm room supplies by welcoming students to campus with a DormSmart Gift Card. For more information about our Incoming Freshman Gift Card Program or to purchase gift cards in custom amounts or bulk quantities, just contact us.

Fundraising Opportunities

Universities, colleges, and boarding schools can encourage students to live dorm smart while fundraising for their school merely by joining our affiliate program hosted by Shareasale. Shareasale provides schools with the tools and tracking for a more robust affiliate experience. Simply sign up as an affiliate and place a link to on your housing website. will donate 5% of all sales, excluding sales tax, to your school. This is the easiest way to raise funds for schools, including scholarship funds.

Bulk / Large Volume Sales

We deal directly with manufacturers and their recommended suppliers, giving access to large quantities of dorm room supplies and the ability to provide bulk sales to universities, colleges, and private schools for their residence halls (i.e., microwave refrigerator freezer combos…).

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