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Surge protectors with overload protection, dorm room safety first!

As a college student living in a tiny dorm room, you’ll probably operate or charge many small appliances and electronics such as your laptop, tablet, cell phone, blow dryer, coffee maker, iron, vacuum, and Microfridge. Your residence hall has a limited number of circuits, so it's essential to invest in quality UL listed surge protectors with overload protection versus a cheap extension cord, safety first.

Surge protectors with overload protection = 2-way protection: 

  1. Protects your valuables from power surges; and
  2. Prevents you from overloading the circuits in your dorm room, important safety feature.

So how do surge protectors with overload protection operate? 

Surge protectors with overload protection contain an internal circuit breaker, so if you or your roommate operate too many small electronics or appliances at the same time, the surge protector will trip the internal circuit breaker, shut things down to prevent an overload. All you have to do is reduce the overload, unplug a thing or two, then press the reset button on the surge protector and your good to go.

Puts Your Safety First & Makes Life Easier

  • Prevents overloads, avoiding possible fire, property damage, or even loss of life.
  • Reduces the number of maintenance calls to university housing.
  • Prevents the inconvenience of  being tardy for class, or wet crazy hair, or no coffee.
  • Prevents your valuables from being damaged by power surges in your dorm room.
Important Information: Always check the product manual and specifications before plugging a product into a surge protector or electrical outlet. As always, check with your college housing office for specific requirements or restrictions.