Tailgating Safety Tip for College Students: NEVER store flammable tailgating supplies in your college dorm room or residence hall.

You've moved into the dorms or are headed to campus in the near future. Nevertheless, tailgating season is near and you don't want to miss it! For students, tailgating season is an opportunity to show your school spirit and have some budget friendly fun while making new friends at college! To help you get started tailgating, we've got some great new dorm size tailgating supplies by Picnic Time!

IMPORTANT DORM SAFETY NOTICE: NEVER STORE OR USE FLAMMABLE PRODUCTS IN OR NEAR YOUR DORM ROOM OR RESIDENCE HALL such as propane, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, or lighters. While we believe in every student's right to tailgate, make new friends, and support their team, students must tailgate responsibly. Purchase just enough charcoal or propane to use in a University Designated Tailgating Area for that one event then properly dispose of the waste before stowing away your cooled down portable grill in school approved location. Always follow your University or College Policy regarding tailgating (know where ... how... or if... you may store tailgating supplies on campus).

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