Top 10 Dorm Room Essentials for College

Check out our list of the top 10 dorm room essentials most requested by college bound students. If you are a college bound student heading to the dorms, add these essentials to your dorm room checklist. If you are a family member or friend looking for high school graduation gift ideas, you can't miss with one of our top 10 dorm room essentials.

Need to know What to Bring and What Not to Bring to your college campus? Just use our Housing Connector to connect with your college or university housing office before shopping for dorm room essentials. Live Dorm Smart!
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  • Dorm Room Trunk #3 Dorm Room Trunk #3
    7 Finishes, 49+ Colors, 11+ Sizes
    Multiple Options for Customizing
    College or Boarding School Use
  • Compact Tool Kit #4 Compact Tool Kit #4
    Basic Dorm Room Tool Kits
    Contains Essentials for Small Repairs
    Compact for Easy Dorm Room Storage
  • Storage Solutions #9 Storage Solutions #9
    Storage Bins, Caddies, and Carts
    Collapsible, Durable, Lidded Storage
    Multiple Sizes, Patterns, and Colors
  • Security Supplies #10 Security Supplies #10
    Free First Aid Kit Info for Students
    Alarms, Sprays, Laptop Locks, Safes
    Security Supplies for Student Living
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