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Twin XL Math : Solve Dick and Jane's Dilemma

Dick and Jane’s Dilemma : Do the twin XL math

Dick and Jane are heading to their campuses and each has a 39" x 80” twin XL mattress in their college dorm room, 5” longer than a standard twin mattress. Let’s assume both Dick and Jane’s dorm room mattresses are 8” deep and their mattress topper adds an additional 2 inches. What length duvet cover and comforter will fit best on Dick or Jane’s twin XL mattress? What is the minimum depth fitted sheet Dick or Jane should use to accommodate their mattress and topper? Show your work...

80” + 8” + 2” = 90” Long Duvet Cover and Comforter

8" Mattress + 2" Topper = 10" Depth Pocket for Fitted Sheet

Bedding Options for Dick and Jane

The math tells us that a standard twin 86” long duvet cover and comforter may not be the best fit for Dick or Jane’s twin XL mattress, 90” or longer would be preferable. While it is possible to make a shorter duvet cover or comforter work, neither should expect 100% coverage, especially if they plan to use additional padding to make their mattresses more comfortable or raise their beds for storage.

Since the availability of twin XL is increasing, Dick and Jane may want to consider purchasing a longer duvet cover and comforter for their beds. As for their fitted sheet, Dick and Jane should shop for a fitted sheet that is 39" x 80" with a 10" Pocket Size or overall depth of 13" to ensure their fitted sheet will cover their mattress, additional padding, and provide ample room for the underturn.


  1. Forget the label of Twin XL, focus on the actual bedding dimensions when shopping.
  2. If the bedding dimensions are not listed on the product, ASK for them and do the math.
  3. If the retailer fails to provide the bedding dimensions to you or the twin XL math does not add up, shop on.

The best strategy to employ when shopping for dorm room bedding is to check directly with your campus housing office to obtain the dimensions of the mattress in your dorm room.

Congratulations on solving Dick and Jane's Twin XL Math Dilemma.